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Read about cycling destinations around Calpe below.

If you’re a cyclist planning a trip to Costa Blanca, Marina Alta has better options than Calpe.

Here’s the deal – in Calpe, you’ll have to pedal 20-30 km just to hit the real cycling routes.

Not ideal, right?

Now, in Marina Alta, there are these small towns right on the cycling routes. Think easy access, no traffic hassles.

You can stay there and start your cycling adventure. Plus, you get a taste of the real local scene – food, culture, vibes – all right there.

Castell de Castells

The town's majestic mountains and access to multiple routes in all directions make it a mecca for enthusiastic cyclists who enjoy pushing their limits. Castell de Castells [kasˈteʎ de kasˈteʎs] provides a feast of trails to conquer, magnificent views to relish, and a variety of challenges for every level of cyclist. Every ride promises to be an unforgettable experience, whether it's tackling a challenging ascent or just taking a leisurely spin. While in Castell de Castells, you can also enjoy the fantastic cafes and refreshments that the town has to offer while taking in the breathtaking scenery.
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Xaló [sha-LO] warmly welcomes amateur road cyclists, offering not just stunning routes but an authentic Spanish experience. The village is crisscrossed by a network of roads winding through vineyards and the breathtaking Jalón Valley. Positioned at the heart of Marina Alta, Xaló is the perfect launchpad for road cycling adventures, surrounded by the natural beauty of almond groves, olive orchards, and renowned local vineyards. Take a break from cycling to explore Xaló's vibrant Saturday market, where local flavors and crafts come alive. Don't miss the chance to discover the unique Riu Rau structures, remnants of the region's agricultural heritage, and indulge in a visit to a local winery for a taste of the renowned Moscatel wine. Embrace the down-to-earth charm of Xaló, where every pedal stroke brings you closer to the authentic essence of Spanish cycling and local culture.
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Tarbena's [ˈ] mountainous setting and scenic landscapes make it an attractive destination for road cyclists, offering a mix of challenges and rewards. Ultimately, Tarbena's appeal to road cyclists lies in its challenging roads, breathtaking scenery, and the opportunity to experience the unique blend of nature and culture. The village can serve as an excellent base for those seeking a cycling-focused retreat or as a memorable stopover during a broader cycling adventure in the Marina Alta region.
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Alcalalí ([alkalaˈli]) is a picturesque town in the Marina Alta region, situated in the province of Alicante, Spain. Surrounded by the Serra del Ferrer and the Segili mountains, Alcalalí has become a hotspot for cyclists, offering more than just scenic landscapes. One notable highlight for cyclists is the renowned cycling cafe "Musette," located in Alcalalí. Serving as a local hub for cycling enthusiasts, Musette has become a popular starting and finishing point for cyclists embarking on the loop that includes the world-known ascent to Col de Rates. Cyclists visiting Alcalalí can kickstart their journey from Musette, enjoying the camaraderie and amenities provided by this cycling-centric establishment. The loop, which features the challenging ascent to Col de Rates, showcases the town's strategic location as a prime destination for cyclists seeking both a physically rewarding and visually stunning experience. With Musette at its heart, Alcalalí stands out not only for its natural beauty and well-connected cycling routes but also as a welcoming hub where cyclists can gather, share stories, and fuel up before conquering the renowned Col de Rates ascent. It's a perfect blend of scenic cycling and community spirit in the heart of Marina Alta.
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Finestrat [fiˈnes.tɾat], just 12 km from Benidorm and 55 km from Alicante International Airport, is easily accessed via AP-7 (exit 65-A) or directly from N-332. The town combines an inland old town with a 267 m coastal stretch from Punta del Tossal to Cala de Finestrat, bordered by La Vila Joiosa and Benidorm. Cyclists, take note! Finestrat is a hub for exciting loops. Explore the Castell de Guadalest and Confrides loop, Sella and Puerto de Tudons loop, and the scenic route through Callosa en Saria, Tarbena, and Col de Rates. With the iconic Puig Campana mountain at 1,410 m, Finestrat offers both coastal charm and inland adventures for a dynamic cycling experience. Whether you're drawn to the historic charm of the old town or the coastal vibes of Cala de Finestrat, this municipality offers a diverse and accessible destination for those seeking both inland tranquility and coastal adventures. Accessible by major roadways and surrounded by natural beauty, Finestrat invites visitors to explore its unique blend of landscapes and experiences.


Moraira, a gem along the Costa Blanca, offers more than just sun-soaked beaches. Just a stone's throw from the lively town of Denia and the charming Xabia, cyclists can enjoy exhilarating coastal rides. For the adventurous cyclists, there's the option to pedal along the coast to Xabia and Denia, with the chance to conquer the notorious Strava segment, El Cumbre del Sol, in Benitaxell. Alternatively, kick off your cycling journey by warming up on the ascent to Benissa. From there, choose between riding to Bernia through Pinos or heading to Parcent, where three distinct loops await your exploration. Moraira's diverse cycling routes cater to all levels, offering both coastal panoramas and inland challenges. Whether you're chasing Strava records, enjoying a coastal breeze, or conquering challenging ascents, Moraira stands as a versatile hub for cyclists seeking a mix of coastal beauty and inland exploration.
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