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"Cycling Calpe. Com - From personal trainer to Cyclist: My Personal Journey to Calpe, Spain."

The Moviestar and the Famous Athlete changed my life

As a personal trainer, I’ve always had a love for fitness and helping others achieve their goals. But it wasn’t until I had the chance to work with an actor preparing for a triathlon that I discovered my true passion for cycling.

While working on the set of “Blinded by Lights” for HBO, the lead actor – Kamil Nożyński – asked me to help him train for an upcoming triathlon competition. I was more than happy to oblige, and I even decided to take on the challenge myself.

The intense training required for a triathlon transformed me from a strength training athlete to an endurance athlete. Moreover, I had a chance to be led personally by one of the most amazing athletes in the world – Robert Karaś, who helped me overcome my weaknesses, and taught me his secret tips for training and competing.

And as it turned out, cycling was my strongest discipline by far. I believe my years of complex strength training played a big role in this.

But it wasn’t just the physical aspects of cycling that drew me in. The freedom of cycling was a refreshing change, and I quickly fell in love with the sport.

Cycling Calpe. Com - Robert Temczuk and Kamil Nożyński during their cycling training

Car drivers in Poland

The only problem I had with this sport was a lack of safety. In Poland, I was facing the chaotic and often dangerous driving culture. I was even hit by a car, that driver just crossed my way, while approaching from the front. I was erased from any activity for more than six months. After the period of convalescence, I had to rebuild my physique, and after a few weeks of indoor training I decided to get myself a proper “fitness retreat” in the best conditions I can get in Europe.

Cyclists Paradise on Earth

And then I discovered Calpe, Spain. The beautiful seaside town with its crystal clear waters, stunning views, amazing cycling routes, and friendly locals blew my mind. Not to mention the amount of 325 sunny days in a year, and delicious food!

I knew I had to make Calpe a part of my life.

Now, I can’t imagine my life without cycling. It’s a sport that has truly changed my attitude on training and helping people to get in shape. I’m excited to see where Cycling Calpe. Com takes me next.

Whether I’m training for a competition or just exploring the beautiful roads of Calpe, I’m always grateful for the freedom and joy that cycling here brings me.

Cycling Calpe. Com - Col de Rates, Marina Alta,
Picture of Robert Temchook

Robert Temchook